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K9Compass & Double Dog Run VS. Other Dog Tie Out Systems: Price Comparisons, Weight Limits, Warranty and More!

K9Compass & Double Dog Run VS. Other Dog Tie Outs

dog tie out for two dogs
Finding a portable, tangle-free, high-quality, strong dog tie out that could hold your dog securely is a feat in itself. Finding all of those qualities in one dog tie out AND a 2-Warranty would seem absurd.  But, have no fear!  Double Dog Run is Here!  ...and we can hold not just one dog, but two dogs; and keep them from getting tangled.

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Things to Ask Yourself When Buying a Dog Tie Out System

There are a ton of dog tie out stakes, dog tie out cable systems, dog trolleys, tangle-free dog tie outs and much more on the market for securing your dog. However there are some things to ask yourself first, such as: 

  • Is the tie out made of solid, quality materials?  
  • Is the dog tie out strong?  
  • Is the dog tie out tangle-free?  
  • Is there a warranty? 
  • Is it easy to install?  
  • Does it require tools? Is it portable? 
We got on Google, again and began to price out some of the other dog tie out stakes and systems to compare them to Double Dog Run and K9Compass on cost, weight limit, tangle-free aspects, how many dogs the tie out can allow, can you get replacement parts and more:
Comparing Dog Tie Out Systems - Price, Weight Limits and Benefits
Tie Outs TypePriceWeight LimitTangle-FreeSupports Two DogsPortableWarranty
Spiral Stake$2 - $3560 lbsNoNoYesNo
Trolley Cable Run$12 - $40100 lbsYes & NoNoNoNo
Retractable Tie Out$19 - $3080 lbsYes & NoNoYesNo
Alternate Systems$35 - $112500 lbsYesNoYesNo
K9Compass$85up to 800 lbsYesYesYesYes
Double Dog Run$96 - $115up to 800 lbs+YesYesYesYes

As you can see from above the K9Compass and the Double Dog Run Tie Outs may be priced on the higher end of the market when talking about dog tie out stake systems, but they offer more than other dog tie outs.  Additionally, the fact that the K9Compass and Double Dog Run are portable, tangle-free, stronger than any other dog tie out makes our dog tie out systems the most cost effective tangle free dog tie out system around! 

The 2-year warranty is effective for anyone who purchased as of March 1, 2017 to present.  Earlier models do not have a warranty and we felt it best to ensure our customers are happier with our dog tie out system than any other. 

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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

3 Thing to Consider When Building a Fence For Dogs

Building a Fence for Dogs?  There are some things to consider first...

Dogs are amazing beings and each one is so unique that no one can really pinpoint the capabilities of an individual dog until they are challenged.  Keeping your dog secure is the most important thing for the dog's safety and your sanity. You really have to know your dog to know what is best. In this article we will discuss some things to consider in fencing your yard versus using a dog tie out system. 

Let's face it, you could build a gorgeous fence and make it so that your digging dog won't be able to escape in that manner.  You finish your project and let the dog out, next thing you know... you didn't build it high enough!  Does this look familiar?

When deciding on what to do with your dogs to best secure them at home, here are 3 Things to Consider When Building a Fence for Dogs: 

  • Does your dog dig?  Digging is a big issue when you have a fence or just want to keep your yard looking nice.  However, a digging dog can escape a fenced yard easily. But, as long as you are aware of this issue and remain vigilant you won't have to worry.

    what happens when your dog gets loose
  • Does your dog jump high? Some dogs can jump incredibly high, but also use what is around them, such as adjacent wall to kick off of. Next thing you know your dog became a ninja! .. and is now loose... running down the road.  What was a quick, quiet escape, is now a long run of shame and you yelling like a mad person around your neighborhood.... 

  • Can your dog climb things?  I don't mean the ninja-bounce wall climb, I mean really climb? There is nothing like thinking you are just going to go use the rest room real quick when you have a climbing dog.  It literally only takes a couple seconds.

Have no fear! I too have had to take the run of shame running down the road; building what I thought was an amazing barrier for my dog to just jump over it, seemingly without effort.  And yes, although it is scary in the moment, looking back it is also humorous- but that is why I had to invent the Double Dog Run because I had not one but TWO escape artists! Check out Double Dog Run

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The Best Tangle Free Dog Tie Outs 2020 - What is the best tie out for a dog?

What is the best tangle free dog tie out?  Double Dog Run tangle free dog tie out systems let one or two dogs run in 360 degrees and can hold up to 800 lbs of pull force! Tested to be the strongest dog tie out for large breed dogs, these two dog tie outs are manufactured in the USA and come with a warranty. 

2020 is in and even though has exactly what you need when it comes to tangle free and two dog tie outs - there is a problem: you won't find us on any of the big lists... 😕

Why isn't double dog run on the big best dog tie out lists?  Let's face it, we are truly a small business who has veered away from the bigger markets such as Amazon, Walmart, Jet, etc.  for the past few years.  We took the time to investigate on google:  

Did we make the list for "best dog tie outs for 2020?"  
Or even for "best tangle free dog tie outs for 2020??"

There are so many lists! ... And, we didn't make a single one!?😟

Being super friendly and obviously not knowing the "rules", I took the time to write a few of these bloggers and marketers to ask how we could get on their list for best tangle free dog tie outs for 2020.

I thought to myself " ..they just don't know our product exists at all!" 

Turns out, I was wrong. 

Most of these bloggers DO know about our tangle free two dog tie outs, because we used to be on Amazon.  Many of these bloggers love the product, but politely turned me down because we are not selling on Amazon. 

However, there was one diamond in the rough that DID add us to their site.  Although, they could not add us to their "official" list of products, they did add our picture at the bottom and our business name and site a source to their blog on: 21 Best Dog Tie Outs (Reviews Updated 2020)  by  Thank you Dog Product Picker for adding us to your site!

So, you may not see us on any huge lists that are promoted by Amazon or other big name pet stores, because Double Dog Run is a one of a kind company.  Our tangle free dog tie outs have gone through many design changes to ensure that our products are made of the best quality to withstand any dog of any size and any type of weather.  Most tie outs can hold one dog, but our two dog tie outs can hold up to 800 lbs of pull force and are ready to keep your dogs from tangling!

We have been in business for over 8 years providing the only and best two dog tie outs; and are confident we have the Best Tangle Free Dog Tie Out for 2020 when it comes down to it!

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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

How to Install the K9Compass Two Dog Tangle Free Tie Out Stake

How do I install a tangle free two dog tie out? 
Great question! We have the answer!

The Double Dog Run K9Compass two dog tie out is a tangle free dog tie out system that allows two dogs to play on dog tie out cables and not get tangled. This two dog tangle free tie out holds up to 800 lbs of pull force and is quick to install.  Remember our tie outs are great for just one dog too!

How to install the K9Compass Tangle Free Two Dog Tie Out:
  1. Pick a preferably level area to install your two dog tie out stake.
  2. Clear any debris our of the dog tie out area.
  3. Turn the dog tie out stake clockwise and drive into the ground until the base of the tie out stake is flush to the ground.
  4. Attach both tie out cables to the (same) upper-most link on the hardware.

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Monday, January 20, 2020

Traditional Fence Vs. Electric Fence for Dogs - Price Comparisons and Things to Consider

Compare Cost of Fencing VS. Electric Fencing

blue fence dog
In this article we will focus on cost, maintenance and more when it comes to Fences Vs. Electric Fences. To make it easy we created these tables to compare the cost to build and maintain a traditional fence; electric fence; versus getting a dog tie out.  We also broke it down into types of fencing to make it easy.   

Fencing Vs. Electric Fence

Fencing options may vary in material used to build a traditional fence, or there could be additional on going expenses to consider when installing an electric fence. Lets compare Fencing and Electric Fence options for dogs.

Things to First Consider When Building a Traditional Fence

With fences, there is the installation time it takes, maintenance.  Additionally, there are many who cannot install a fence due to home owners' association rules, building / apartment rules, zoning rules.  All this should be researched before beginning to build anything. Another thing to consider is the possibility your dog will climb or jump the fence; or dig under it... but you can read more about that in our article on 3 Things to Consider When Building a Fence for Dogs

What does it cost to build a fence?  

We got on Google and looked into seeing what the common cost to build a fence would be depending on material around a small 10 ft x 10 ft yard.  This is what we came about:

Typical Fence Costs
Fence Type
Fence Cost per linear foot
Labor Cost per linear foot
Estimated Total Cost based on 10 X 10 yard
Maintanance Included

Thing to To Think About When Installing an Electric Fence

An electric fence is also a good option for ensuring your animals don't escape into the street.  However, there is time, installation, battery chargers, collars and all kinds of stuff involved in getting an electric fence system.  Additionally, you need to train your dog on the boundaries for a few weeks.

What does it cost to install an electric fence? 

Again, we got on Google and looked at common / average prices for this option:

Electric Fence Expenses
Materials Needed
Invisible fence/ Collar Package
$50 - $300
Voltage Meter
$60 - $90
$900 - $1350
$1200 - $2300

Don't want a fence or electric fence for your dogs, there are alternatives!

After Reading this article, you may realize that perhaps a traditional or electric fence is not for you.  Maybe it is too much maintenance, your house is not suited for it, your zoning committee won't approve it, or you just don't want one. There is always the option of a Dog Tie Out which can be incredibly helpful and convenient! 

Check out our Dog Tie Out Systems invented for TWO dogs:
K9Compass - Portable, tool-less install,  tangle free dog tie outs.
Double Dog Run - Shock absorbing, tangle free two dog tie outs.

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